Decaying stumps

Title Info
Common name Spruce; Fir
Scientific name Picea; Abies
Taxonomic group Pinaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Forests
Forests Temperate coniferous forest
Nutrient cycles Nitrogen; Carbon; Decomposition
Change over time Decomposition
Lessons Decomposers and detritivores
Date October 1998
Location Vermont,USA,North America

Decay and growth in spruce-fir forest, Vermont. As trees and other living organisms die, they are slowly decomposed by a host of fungi, bacteria, and detritus-eating arthropods. The nutrients from this decomposing material become part of the soil, until they are taken up again by living organisms. Without this process of nutrient recycling, the plants in this image would not survive and the scene would be barren.