Corn or maize

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Common name Corn or maize
Scientific name Zea mays
Taxonomic group Poaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Economic botany Food plants; Industrial products
Food plants Grains and cereals
Keywords Gramineae
Date 1997
Location Newton,Massachusetts,USA,North America
Corn or maize, <i>Zea mays</i>, in flower
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Corn or maize tassels. The top of a corn plant is known as the tassel, where the staminate or male flowers grow. Most corn grown in the USA is hybrid corn, produced by cross-breeding two inbred strains. In order to produce the hybrid seed, plants must be prevented from self-fertilizing, so much of the corn used to produce hybrids is male sterile. This New World crop was first domesticated in Mexico; the earliest varieties date from about 7,500 years before the present.