Blue gum tree

Title Info
Common name Blue gum tree
Scientific name Eucalyptus globulus
Taxonomic group Myrtaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Human impacts Invasive species
Economic botany Timber; Medicinals
Food plants Oils
Conservation Invasive species
Lessons Invasive species

Blue gum tree. Native to southeastern Australia and Tasmania, the blue gum is the most extensively planted Eucalyptus species in the world. Its attractive form and rapid growth make it useful as an ornamental and for fuel, charcoal, pulp, timber, and windbreaks. The essential oil derived from the tree has antiseptic, stimulant, and analgesic properties and is widely used in cough drops, salves, and folk remedies; it is also used as a fragrance and flavoring. Blue gum is considered an invasive species in California and Hawaii.