Thomson's gazelles

Title Info
Common name Thomson'; s or Red-fronted Gazelle
Scientific name Gazella rufifrons thomsoni
Taxonomic group Bovidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Grasslands, savannas
Grasslands and savannas Tropical grassland
Behavior Territorial; Mating; Social
Organisms Animals
Animals Mammals
Keywords Tribe Antilopini
Date August 08, 2003
Location Serengeti National Park,Tanzania,Africa

Thomson's gazelle herd in savanna, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Thomson's gazelle males, such as the individual with horns on the right, are territorial and attempt to get females to aggregate in their territories. In the Serengeti, these gazelles, along with wildebeest and zebras, are part of the large annual migration that allows them to find good foraging throughout the year.