Thread-leaved sundew

Title Info
Common name Sundew, Thread-leaved
Scientific name Drosera filiformis
Taxonomic group Droseraceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Nutrient cycles Nitrogen
Ecological interactions Predation
Selection and adaptations Selection
Selection Morphology
Organisms Plants
Conservation Endangered species
Date July 1995
Location Mary Dunn Pond,Massachusetts,USA,North America

Thicket of thread-leaved sundew plants, Massachusetts. These lovely little plants, just a few inches tall (about 10 cm), are deadly. Several unrelated groups of plants that live in nutrient-poor habitats have evolved similar methods of getting a nutritional boost: they eat insects. Sundews capture their insect prey on sticky droplets at the ends of little hairs on modified leaves. Over time, the sundew digests the insect gaining nitrogen and other needed nutrients. This species of sundew is endemic to the East Coast of North America, where it lives along the shores of coastal plain ponds, in certain types of bogs, and in a couple of other wetland types. It is listed as endangered in Canada by the national government.