Pond suffering from runoff

Title Info
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Wetlands, aquatic
Wetlands and aquatic Lakes, ponds
Human impacts Water
Conservation Habitat loss
Lessons Habitat loss
Date May 25, 2002
Location Hammond Pond,Newton,Massachusetts,USA,North America

Pond suffering from parking lot runoff, Massachusetts. This pond is half-surrounded by a nice patch of protected forest, but the other half has a mall parking lot that comes within a few yards (meters) of the pond edge. Several houses also stand fairly close to the pond?s edge. Officially listed as a ?Great Pond? by Massachusetts, because it is more than 10 acres (about 4 ha) in extent, Hammond Pond is rapidly filling in. The nutrients running off from the parking lot and lawns cause significantly more plant and algal growth than would otherwise occur, and as these plants die they rapidly fill the pond with sediment. The pond may fill in completely in the next couple of decades.