Honeybees in nest

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Common name Honeybee
Scientific name Apis mellifera
Taxonomic group Apidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Nutrient cycles Nitrogen
Mutualism Pollination
Change over time Life cycles
Behavior Social; Communication; Nesting
Organisms Animals
Animals Insects
Lessons Social Behavior
Date July 06, 2004
Honeybees in nest, one possibly doing the waggle dance
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Honeybees in nest. The bees in the center are clustered around a bee that appears to have a load of orange pollen in the pollen basket (corbicula) on her left hind leg. Although it is not possible to tell from this still image, she may be in the middle of a dance alerting her nestmates to the location of a good pollen and nectar source. The bee to the left of the pollen carrier appears interested in the pollen. If the colony has eaten its way through most of their pollen stores, which could happen after several rainy days, she may be hungry for pollen.