Scutigeromorph centipede

Title Info
Common name Centipede,Scutigeromorph
Scientific name Scutigeromorpha
Taxonomic group Chilopoda
Level Order
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecological interactions Predation
Selection and adaptations Selection
Selection Morphology
Organisms Animals
Animals Other invertebrates
Date 1990
Location Volcan Cacao,Costa Rica,North America

Centipede, Costa Rica. Scutigeromorph centipedes present an unmistakable image. Frequently seen skittering across basements and in sinks and bathtubs, most entomologists have received dozens of requests for identification of big, hairy, and fast creatures that turn out to be these centipedes. Like all centipedes, they are predatory and have venomous fangs that are actually modified legs, and every body segment has one pair of legs (in millipedes each segment has two pairs of legs). Their name, which means hundred feet, is not accurate, as they have anywhere from 28 to 354 legs, depending on the species. Some tropical centipedes grow to be 11 inches (27 cm) long.