Restored prairie, Leopold Shack

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Source Dan L. Perlman
Human impacts Restoration
Conservation Restoration; Conservation Values
Lessons Biodiversity values; Restoration
Date October 08, 2005
Location Aldo Leopold's Shack,Wisconsin,USA,North America
Restored prairie at Aldo Leopold's Shack, Wisconsin
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This image shows part of the prairie that Aldo Leopold, his wife, and his five children restored by the Shack.

Aldo Leopold was one of the most influential ecologists and conservation biologists of the 20th century.  Among his many accomplishments, he was instrumental in getting the Gila National Forest in New Mexico designated as wilderness (the first official wilderness area in the United States), as well as in the founding of the Wilderness Society.  He had great influence as an author, as well; he wrote the first text on wildlife management and numerous essays on a wide variety of conservation and management issues. 

By far his most famous writings are gathered in a slim volume entitled A Sand County Almanac. These essays cover his career from his days as a forest ranger with the US Forest Service in Arizona and New Mexico (1909-1924), through his years in Wisconsin (1924-48), during which he worked for the Forest Service, served as a private consultant, and taught at the University of Wisconsin. In 1935, he and his family purchased a broken down farm northwest of Madison, where the family spent numerous weekends and vacations. The "Shack" in which they lived, was an old chicken coop to which they made a small addition. During their visits to the farm, the Leopolds planted hundreds of pines and restored a small portion of prairie just outside the shack.

A Sand County Almanac was published in 1949, the year after Aldo Leopold died while helping a neighbor fight a grass fire. He was just 61.


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Meine, Curt. 1988. Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work. University of Wisconsin Press. Madison, WI.

Meine, Curt and Richard L. Knight. 1999. The Essential Aldo Leopold : Quotations and Commentaries. University of Wisconsin Press. Madison, WI.