Disturbance: 12 yrs after fire

Title Info
Common name Pine, Lodgepole
Scientific name Pinus contortus
Taxonomic group Pinaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Forests
Forests Temperate coniferous forest
Change over time Disturbance; Succession
Succession Secondary succession
Disturbance Fire ecology
Lessons Disturbance; Succession
Date June 06, 2000
Location Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming,USA,North America
Disturbance: 12 years after Yellowstone fire
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Regrowth in Yellowstone National Park, twelve years after the 1988 fires. The massive fires of 1988 burned nearly a third of the National Park, as well as much land beyond the park boundaries. Twelve years later, in this part of the park, the recovery was still just beginning. Although the ground is covered with grass, only a few lodgepole pine saplings are coming up. This is surprising because lodgepole pines are often serotinous, that is, their cones require high temperatures in order to open and release their seeds. In other parts of the park, however, there has been much more regrowth of the forest. This image was taken near the road between the Tower and Mt. Washburn.