Six-rowed barley

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Common name Barley, Six-rowed
Scientific name Hordeum vulgare
Taxonomic group Poaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Economic botany Food plants; Fermented products
Food plants Grains and cereals
Keywords Gramineae; Hordeum hexastichon according to some botanists
Six-rowed barley, <i>Hordeum vulgare</i>
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Barley. One of the oldest cultivated plants, barley was first domesticated about 10,000 years ago in southwestern Asia, in the Fertile Crescent. It is used for feeding animals, for creating malt, and for human food. To create malt, the seeds are allowed to germinate, then dried and cooked a bit. When water is added, the mixture can ferment. To create beer one adds hops; otherwise, fermented barley can be distilled into vodka, gin, or whiskey. Both six- and two-rowed forms of barley exist; this is the six-rowed form.