Elephant family, no male

Title Info
Common name Elephant, African
Scientific name Loxodonta africana
Taxonomic group Elephantidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Grasslands, savannas
Grasslands and savannas Tropical savanna
Behavior Social; Parental
Organisms Animals
Animals Mammals
Lessons Social Behavior
Date July 31, 2003
Location Near Tarangire National Park,Tanzania,Africa

Elephant family group, near Tarangire National Park, Tanzania (image 1 of 2). Elephants form close-knit, long-lasting family groups consisting of adult females and young of both sexes. A matriarch, the oldest female of the group and typically the mother or grandmother of the others in the group, is the leader and serves as the institutional memory for the group, leading them to water in the dry season and to mineral licks. Males are tolerated as group members until they become rambunctious adolescents, at which point they get kicked out of the group and spend time on their own or in bachelor herds. In this image, we see a family group of adult females and young; compare it with the companion image.