Indian Pipe

Title Info
Common name Indian Pipe
Scientific name Monotropa uniflora
Taxonomic group Ericaceae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Forests
Forests Temperate deciduous forest
Nutrient cycles Carbon
Ecological interactions Parasitism; Mutualism
Organisms Plants
Lessons Energy Flow; Parasitism
Keywords saprophyte
Date July 17, 2004
Location Newton,Massachusetts,USA,North America

Indian Pipe, a parasite on other plants, Massachusetts. This flowering plant, also known as Corpse Plant, Death Plant, and Birds Nest, has no chlorophyll and cannot produce its own carbohydrates. It does not directly parasitize other plants, but it taps into the mycorrhizae (fungal mutualists with plants that attach to roots) and gets carbohydrates from them, after the mycorrhizae get carbohydrates from their photosynthesizing plant partner. Like many parasitic plants, these turn black after death.