Crocodile in riverside forest

Title Info
Common name Crocodile, Nile
Scientific name Crocodylus niloticus
Taxonomic group Crocodylidae
Source Dan L. Perlman
Ecosystems Wetlands, aquatic
Wetlands and aquatic Rivers, streams
Ecological interactions Predation
Organisms Animals
Animals Reptiles
Date August 08, 2003
Location Serengeti National Park,Tanzania,Africa

Nile crocodile in river, Tanzania. Nile crocodiles can grow to nearly 20 feet (6 m) in length. They are able to take large prey, up to the size of buffalo, and as they are poikilotherms ("cold-blooded," as their body temperature varies with the temperature of the environment), they can survive on only a few large feeding bouts per year. Note, too, the relatively luxuriant tree growth along this small river in the Serengeti. Just a few meters away is a much dryer habitat.