About EcoLibrary

Goals and philosophy

I have been fortunate to visit a number of fascinating places and to learn about these places from generous experts. My students have benefited from my experiences - and EcoLibrary allows me to share these lessons with other students and teachers. I hope that EcoLibrary helps people around the world better understand the planet on which we live and inspires them to move beyond computer -based systems to learn about the ecology and organisms of their own neighborhoods and regions. Our goals are to:

  1. Provide engaging and effective learning materials
  2. Provide accurate and useful information
  3. Suggest linkages among materials to facilitate learning
  4. Make materials on the site easy to find
  5. Offer our materials for free educational use

The EcoLibrary philosophy

  1. People learn in many different ways and good visual materials engage learners of all ages.
  2. Teachers and students should have several ways to easily find the materials they need.
  3. Every useful item you find should lead to others that are also useful.

We want to help you find useful materials to teach and learn about the Earth and its ecology - and to help you find further materials easily.

The new EcoLibrary and thanks to our original home

If you have used EcoLibrary in the past you will notice that it now has a very different user interface. Professor Tim Hickey of the Computer Science Department at Brandeis University and his student Limo Sadalla have done a tremendous amount of work in creating the new EcoLibrary, and I greatly appreciate their efforts. I would also like to express my deep thanks to Professor John Pickering of the University of Georgia, who hosted an earlier version of EcoLibrary on his Discover Life website.

Thank you,

Dan L. Perlman